System Overview

The system capabilites of AdminDirect are broad and encompass administration, payroll/HRIS system data exchange, enrollment, premium accounting, reporting, EDI and much more. The system can even be programmed for special features, functions, and even full modules to meet the specific needs of a given client. Listed below is a partial list of AdminDirect's capabilities. Please contact Hourglass Systems for more information and be sure to request a live system demonstration.


  • Reduces or eliminates paperwork.
  • Call Center enrollment capabilities.
  • Benefit plan bundling capabilities.
  • Auto-enroll default benefit feature.
  • Premium accounting and billing system.
  • Stores company’s benefit plan rules including eligibility restrictions, waiting periods, volume and age calculation frequencies, etc.
  • Benefit plan rate and coverage calculation engine.
  • Automates paperwork with custom pre-filled forms.
  • Internet enrollment capabilities through the enrollment module enhances employee satisfaction with benefit plans and increases administrative staff efficiency with handling employee requests. Open enrollment, new hire, and year round modes available.
  • Payroll deduction tracking and payroll reconciliation features.
  • Reduces billing errors, eliminating overpayment of premiums.
  • Increases enrollment accuracy which improves employee satisfaction.
  • Provides benefit plan filtering to designated divisions and/or internet enrollment capabilities through
  • Electronic eligibility updates to carriers systems (where interfaces with carriers are available).
  • Internet employee enrollment and service systems for both open enrollment and/or year round employee requests.
  • Electronically updates carrier systems with client-managed eligibility information resulting in greater accuracy (were available and with carrier approval of EDI).
  • COBRA events and benefit enrollment tracking...Including Cal-COBRA where applicable.

Data and Reports

  • Provides immediate access to benefit elections, past and present, to determine who had what coverage (no more searching through file folders and forms!)
  • Maintains history logs of changes made to member records, billing records, and coverage records.
  • Standard reporting includes various census, discrepancy, enrollment, and audit reports.
  • Increases the accuracy of employee payroll deductions by providing detailed reports of those employees who haven’t had the appropriate premium contributions withheld or those that have not been stopped.
  • Maintains a single database of employee and dependent benefit information that is significantly more efficient than traditional paper-based filing systems.

Management Capabilities

  • Custom reporting capabilities.
  • Custom benefit forms availability.
  • Maintains employee eligibility data.
  • Customizable to meet a client’s needs
  • Automation reduces staff time spent doing repetitive tasks.
  • Tracks each employee and dependent benefit elections.
  • Tracks dependent information with relationships to employees.
  • Tracks when and who made changes to employee, dependent and benefit information in the system.
  • Puts control of benefit information in a company’s hands which simplifies many processes such as census preparations, request for proposals, and employee communications.
  • Gives administrators the capability to keep unlimited notes on employee, dependent and benefit information.
  • Agent enrollment for use by field representatives conducting one-on-one employee enrollments and counseling.